About Mick Lee

I started Mick Lee Photography as a way to use my passion for photography and help business at the same time. All businesses need to have their story told, the unfortunate thing is many don’t do it well visually through their images and video.
My aim is simple and made up 3 key focus points.
Capture – the essence of a brand and showcase the hero points of the business.
Entice – followers through social media and your marketing to want to know more.
Convert – those followers to clients.
I take a collaborative approach into all projects regardless of how big or small the client is. I need to get to understand who the clients are, their brand, what the business is and who are their ideal customers. This approach gives the client an understanding of the process but also ownership.
The end is result is a library of images curated for the client that gives them confidence in the story they are visually telling. Visuals create the emotional connection with your ideal clients.
Mick Lee Photography is not a side project, it is my business. I understand the needs and pressures that a small business goes through. I take this understanding along with my expertise into every project I undertake. There is no rush or pressure just a commitment to ensuring you get images and video that showcase your passion and business.



4 months ago
Timeline Photos

Filming for a valued client Elixir Consulting. Videos to be used across all of their marketing in support of new initiatives.

πŸŽ₯ Full length videos - 1hr
πŸŽ₯ Short cut videos
πŸŽ™ Audio of ... See more

4 months ago
Timeline Photos

πŸ“Έ Showcase Your Brand πŸ“Έ

Photography is the ideal way to showcase your brand to ideal customers.

πŸ“Έ Customers know what is familiar. By having a brand which is easily recognisable helps ... See more

4 months ago

🐢 Employee relations are extremely important at Mick Lee Photography and I encourage all to strive for the best.

Here is @kosi_the_staffy our CEO (Chief Excitement Officer) out and about ... See more

4 months ago
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πŸ“† Monthly Image Subscriptions πŸ“†

Running a small business myself I know that at times things get sacrificed over others. But if images are so important to marketing why spend thousands on ... See more

4 months ago

πŸ€™Client testimonials are an important marketing tool. No matter what the business you are running your ideal customers will want to know more about what you from your current clients. These 3 tips ... See more