KIckstart your images workshop

Imagery is critical to your marketing success, regardless of the medium used. The one day Kickstart Your Images Workshop will step you through the basics so you can have the confidence to take your own marketing images and fire up your brands engine.

March 2019 workshop date announced soon

This workshop is hands on and fun. It is not a death by powerpoint scenario. During the workshop, you will use your camera or camera phone and be stepped through how to great images to complement your brand.

Working in a small group will ensure that you get the attention you need and not be rushed. At the end of this full day workshop you will take away some important new skills that will take your marketing images to the next level.

So whats involved:

The Basics

Fact is the cameras on modern phones are fantastic and with the help of a few apps and techniques you can take awesome images. As for the cameras, these can range in type and size the basics here will step you through the concepts to help get the right images for your brand.


  • Basic Photography Principles
  • Exposure and Focus
  • Camera Settings

Composing Images 

It does not matter what type of camera you are using it is the composition which rules. Good composition makes your images visually enticing and take the viewer on a journey or tell a story. There are some rules but the good thing is rules are made to be broken


  • Leading Lines
  • Symmetry
  • Points of Interest
  • Rule Breaking

Lighting and Colour

Good lighting and colour is what makes your well composed image pop. Great lighting in the right spot draws the eye of the viewer. Colour is one of those elements which can be used with a subtle touch or a contrasting punch.


  • Natural Light
  • Flash and LED Lighting
  • Colours

Putting it all together

Using easy to use tools that are easy to use you will be able to edit your image and have it ready for use when you need to. Editing images is not daunting, it adds value to the image and enhances the telling of your brands story.


  • Editing
  • Setting up for Social Media

What else?

  • Practical Exercises
  • Tools and tips you can use immediately
  • Reference workbook
  • Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea
  • Goody bag of props