The way we consume our information is visual, even as far back as the ancient Egyptians images where used to tell stories. Back before digital media reigned supreme it was TV, newspapers and good old yellow pages to lure in customers.

Now the visual bombardment is relentless.

It was estimated we used to see 500 adverts a day. Now across that figure is closer to 5000 adverts.

Cut Through the Visual Noise

To cut through the information bombardment your brand needs to stand out. To be seen it needs an image, to really stand out it needs a quality image that captures the imagination of the customer.

A poor quality image rarely gets remembered or shared (unless it is really bad) but a good quality image that resonates with the viewer does.

 Businesses spend thousands on their marketing. From quality printers to social media managers and everything in between. So why do images get the least of the budget if it’s known they are the most important.

Why settle for second best to sell your business and brand.

By using a professional commercial photographer, you will not only get quality images but images that will be tied into your business and marketing goals. By getting to understand how your business operates and brand placement the images you get back will meet your needs.

Professional images are an investment in the growth of your brand.

If a picture paints a thousand words why skimp on poor quality … or worse someone else’s words

Images create an emotional connection with the viewer. This is often lost when using an image for marketing. The image may be great, or the campaign aligned right. But if both don’t connect then it’s likely to be lost in the noise.


A commercial photographer uses their art and skills to create that image and with sound understanding of your business and marketing needs line the two up. Everyone can take a photo. But someone who specialises in commercial photography can do the same that tells your brands story and entices

Case Study: Anam Active Wear

Let’s look at a shoot I recently did for Anam Activewear. Their goal is simple to create a range of active wear that is available for all body shapes and sizes. The shoot itself had two aims.

Products – I needed to highlight the clothing to show that it can fit different body sizes, for this we had 6 models with a broad cross section of body types. The images taken needed to show the viewer how life would be better wearing these products and how it solves a problem.

Lifestyle – By incorporating the models going about lifestyle activities such as riding a bike, walking along the beach the viewer can visualise themselves being there.

To create a truly unique and effective shoot for your marketing it must start with a conversation. I need to get to know who you are and what you are about. There are no cookie cutter solutions that you can choose, each package is tailored differently for each and every client.


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