We have all seen them those perfect almost clinical images that grace web pages, blog feature images and social media. With the increased need to produce content for marketing it seems that images take a back seat to the copy. What many forget is it’s the image that first grabs the attention of the reader. Stock images are cheap, in many cases free, but are they really hitting the mark and getting the results you desire.

Regardless what the medium is in this day an age of ‘infobesity’ the human brain has so much information to take in and to get noticed visuals are king. Instagram has not become the go to platform because of copy.

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It’s All About the Visuals

The visuals you use form the launch pad for all your marketing activities. Without strong visuals which both resonate with the viewer and tell the story of your brand you and behind the 8 ball.

How many time have you clicked on a Contact Us page and see the bleached white small of a headset wearing call person. Yes, an image is required for SEO, why not add the human element to your brand, use an employee or at least model earing your corporate branding.

Is Your Business Full of Robots?

Go back over all of your marketing material, print and digital. Are you using stock images of people and are they over represented across what clients view?

If that is a yes then you really should look at doing something about it. Images of people add a human element to your brand, images of your people create an emotional connection. Stock images of people are easily noticed and subsequently ignored. Your own branded images will gain more attention and the longer someone is viewing your page, post or article the longer the other elements of your content marketing strategy comes into play.

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Start the Cull

But first just stop. This is your chance to right the wrongs of the past and start on the No Stock Pathway. It is a bit of a journey but one that is rewarding for your marketing and followers. This is where you get to plan the images you want to use, where to use them and when. Get an idea and plan in your head first before engaging an outsider. They can provide input but it should relate to your vision.

A couple of things to consider include

Budget – You can look at a holistic approach and change everything in one hit or consider working through your destocking in stages. Either way how much do you have to spend and on what.

Timeline – If you are going through a rebrand or have a new launch upcoming then this is a great opportunity to remove the stock images.

Bring in a Photographer

Now as a commercial photographer it would be remiss of me to say that I can come in and fully destock your full marketing presence and build a library. a professional photographer such as myself has all the equipment and with their experience can sometimes get the job done quicker.

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Take Control of Your Images

Camera technology these days are nothing short of amazing along with easy to use and free editing all you need is a little confidence and some time to play you can create your own images. Authenticity is an important element in marketing along with timeliness.

The more images at your disposal for marketing the greater the flexibility you have. Freshness keeps interest in your brand, seeing the same images on rotation gets stale, quickly.

Having more of a DIY approach can also involve employees, if you have sales consultants on the road or remote employees they are an extended view of your operations. Why not get a consultant out on the road to do a Facebook Live with a client asking them about why the buy your products/services or take a photo of the equipment you supply to them in action.

Kickstart Your Images

Kickstart Your Images Workshop

For those of you who would like to take more control of their own visuals can join me on a 1 day workshop designed just for this. Over the course of the say we will cover:

  • The Basics of your camera or camera phone.
  • Composing images so that they tell a story and entice the viewer.
  • Lighting your images so they pop and don’t just blend with the rest.
  • Editing and using your images. Getting your images ready for the digital or print medium is just as important as taking a great image. Thankfully there are free tools to help us.

This workshop is hands on and fun where you will walk away with not only the confidence to take your images to the next level but a goody bag of props as well.

For more information click HERE.