The visual marketing landscape is always evolving, I do not call it to change as for many that evokes fear. But with evolution, it is a slow gradual progression to a new way of doing things. For many small business owners that progression seems to be getting quicker and more aggressive.

If the content is king then visuals are the throne providing stability.

It is more than images now, how we use visuals is changing. From images to video, memes, gifs, charts, product placement in games and now virtual reality. 

The tech v society paradigm

It is not a surprise that as technology changes it has an impact on society, since humans discovered fire and invented the wheel that has been occurring. But now that technology is becoming so ingrained in our everyday life they changes to society are becoming more dramatic.

Video is becoming more the norm now, as data charges drop, more wifi and better screens on our mobile devices consumers just can’t get enough video; and it’s not just cats anymore. Engaging video draws in the consumer and keeps them engaged, the longer they are engaged the more they are drawing on your brand.

It is not just the content that is evolving but the way we consume as well. Smartphones and tablets are now they device of choice for how we consume information and be entertained. It is not just social media anymore either with streaming of TV and movies on the rise … and then there is gaming.

This evolution does not mean you have to be a part of it all, but what it does require is for you to understand how things are progressing and if it will be a fit for you.

 Take Control of your Visual Marketing

The reliance on stock images bought or free off the internet is often hampering your marketing and most certainly your creativity. Another bonus with the evolution of technology is camera technology and the ability to create your own visuals.

Taking your own images gives you control and the ability to capture the moment as it occurs and gives the consumer a view into your brand through your eyes. All it takes is a little practice and some confidence to start creating your own visuals.

If you are unsure check out my Kickstart Your Images Workshop where you will learn the basics of photography, composition and editing. All so that you can start to take control of your images.


One easy way to build your confidence in taking control is using the Story feature in either Facebook or Instagram. Stories provide a quick snapshot that lasts for only 24hrs. Stories are a great way to communicate quickly or get some content out to followers.

Most people that view Stories do not expect high quality images or videos, in fact, the appeal is often the opposite that is expected.

Originality = Authenticity

  • Stay away from stock images
  • Back yourself when creating content
  • Get involved when bringing in others
  • Your brand is your story