The Video Juggernaught Continues

A couple of years ago the thought was keeping your videos about 2 minutes in length results would follow. But now with cheaper data, free Wi-Fi hotspots and a growing consumer demand this philosophy is changing. It’s all about engagement (a common theme), keep people wanting to stay viewing you will keep them.

Repurpose Content

Think long term use for your content. Not regurgitating the same over and over but how can you use say a 5 minute video more efficiently.

  • 5 x 1 minute videos
  • transcript becomes 1 or 2 blogs
  • screen shot for images
  • quotes for memes

A 5 minute video can give you up to 30 – 40 individual pieces of content which are relevant draws back to the main video. A client may have watched the video at the start of the of the month and with well placed and used content drawn from that the content is remains contemporary.

Get Engaged

Social Media is exactly that social. It’s not about posting some content and forgetting about it. Get involved in your followers and they will want to stay around. Tell a story to go with your visuals. The more you engage the more chance you have of enticing those ideal customers to be long term followers and clients.

Don’t Be Normal

If you have stagnated in sales is it because your marketing is treading water. Look outside or bring someone in to have a look for you. Doing the same same and expecting things to change is recipe for disaster. You may not need to reinvent the wheel but you will need to change it up.