13 milliseconds, that is how quick it takes to for the human eye to recognise an image. So imagine your marketing images on your ideal clients Instagram feed, Facebook page or newspaper; will it stand out and will it pass the 13-millisecond rule?

On top of that many consumers expect images with marketing. Modern marketing mediums are designed around images and video.

My Methodology

This is why I use Capture, Entice and Convert as a methodology to help business owners develop an understanding of what images they need and how those images work in their brand’s visual storytelling.

Commercial Photography

Capture – This is the 13 milliseconds. As your ideal customers are scrolling, flicking or reading through their chosen media it’s your image that will capture their imagination and create an emotional connection.

Entice – With a combination of visual and copy you then entice the customer to look more and even better follow, like or share.

Convert – The next step. This could be converted into sale, following or both. Either way, you have built a level of trust and recognition with that ideal customer which you can nurture further using other marketing strategies.  

Think of this the next time you are in a large shopping mall. What captured your attention to walk into a store you normally would not? Did you stay and browse? Did you purchase something? The concept is the same, only in the digital marketing arena, it comes down to that 13 milliseconds.

Say No To Stock Images

The best types of images to use are yours. Think of it as telling your story in your words. Viewers relate quicker to authenticity which builds trust. Stock images are readily available and can look good, but they are generic and designed to be one size fits all … for everyone.

Your images reflect your brand and business. They do not just showcase a product or highlight your premises. You spend money on uniforms, branding, signage and other aspects of your marketing, so it does not make sense to skimp on the main element which gains the attention of your target market.

So What Can You Do?

The investment to bring me in for a commercial photography shoot is cost effective and starts for free – with me buying you drink. Or why not try your hand at taking images yourself. If you do not feel comfortable why not join in on my Kickstart Your Images Workshop and learn the skills and confidence to take control of your marketing images.

In the end … step away from the stock photo website and take control of your own story.