A great marketing story is one that not just sells stuff (that should be a given) but one that gets the customer to buy into your brand. I’m not saying we want thousands of Fan Boy/Girl zealots wandering online spruiking all things you … well, maybe a couple. But we want that interest, enticement of customers wanting to be part of the story, for images they want to imagine themselves in that picture


So how do we create enticement and interest in our images?

Get to know and understand your ideal customers first. The list here could go on forever and it can change depending on the product but overall who do I want to get my images in front of and who will be most engaged from them.
Lifestyle is a massive key. Those images of beaches and outdoors, places you’d rather be scenes. Take Corona Beer, nailed, every time, in my book. The beer is not in your face, it’s not overly gendered biased and who would not like to be on the beach watching the waves roll in … oh may as well have a Corona whilst I’m at it. The image creates the hook and from there we want to read on, click the link and become part of Team Corona.
Getting the story right is also getting to know your competition. You don’t want to be a follower, today it is all about be authentic and leading the pack. Don’t copy what everyone else is doing, sure use others within your industry or even outside as inspiration but please don’t copy.
Be true to you and your brand. As I mentioned before authenticity is the key. I do not overly photoshop by clients for the corporate headshots because of this. If that is what you need or want then there are plenty of photographers who are willing to do that. For me its about capturing the essence that is who you are. That is who the customers will meet and that is refreshing and also reassuring for them.

With your brand message keep it consistent. Make sure your theme remains the same and your story isn’t changing. This just confuses the customers you are working so hard to entice. Take the Corona example you could switch the scene out for skiing in Whistler and still have the same effect, people will want to drink Corona after they are skiing. The image changes, but the message is on point. For them it’s about escapism.

This brings us to the main message I focus on consistently and that is helping business owners be aware of how they can own their own visual content and take control of their story. By using your own images when we say “Who are we” the answer is right in front of the customer. Not a stock image of some homogenised workplace devoid of soul and character. I work closely with you to help you be self aware and confident in the images you invest in.