For many, the news of Facebook changes and the way businesses get their message onto peoples news feeds were met with panic. It’s not the end of the world and I feel fine.

Firstly, let’s be realistic, Facebook needs this change, our news feeds have been overtaken with click bait – Names most likely to etc which is clogging the messages and importantly the connecting Facebook was once famous for. All Mark Zuckerberg wants to do is bring that back. It could have been too easy for Facebook up their advertising rates (although that could still happen) but now they are moving to a model which could actually lose some of those who invest lots or their money and time to advertise on their platforms.

Facebook used to be all about sharing and posting, it became the way we shared information. From births to marriages to deaths and a heap in between it was all there. But now it’s been overtaken with everything but. Content is shared with nothing added, no value, no engagement and no stimulation.

Then came the dawn if a new day. 12 January 2018 when Mark Zuckerberg announced “One of the big focus areas for 2018 is making sure the time we all spend on Facebook is time well spent. You can read his statement here.

I read this and many articles and was becoming more and more confused. It was not until I was giving a presentation at my BNI that I had a lightbulb moment. Wait this is a good thing. Facebook is forcing us who use the platform to engage, stimulate and communicate with customers. Instead of force feeding information down their eyeballs. So simple it’s brilliant.


But my Ads, what about my Ads?

They will still be there and I’d imagine sooner rather than later there will be a rise in the costs for Facebook Ads, makes sense and Mark hinted that usage may drop; with that, some businesses will not want to evolve with this change. Don’t forget Facebook is still and will be a global messenger for your business. No other platform has the reach and ability to target to your ideal customer.


Connect, Engage, Teach

So here is how I see the way forward on Facebook and how we market. The usage of Facebook Ads will drop, I may have one campaign on the go just bubbling along in the background which I will swing about. The key will be in how and when we post.

“As we roll this out, you’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media. And the public content you see more will be held to the same standard — it should encourage meaningful interactions between people.”

Read into this how you will but if you want to get your business in front of your ideal customers you need to think about your posts. Posts that create comments and discussion will win. Facebook trailed something similar a while back and the workaround was for one word comments and emoji’s. It seems the new algorithm will move it up again, the more discussion the higher chance your posts get seen.


Images will be king again

You are still going to want to catch the attention of your ideal clients. But also you may need to start looking back at your website and other online/offline marketing strategies. Has Facebook become your website? Now is the time to start developing your strategies to meet these changes.


Authenticity and Variety

My two big buzz points for this year … well forever. Your marketing needs to be your own. Your words, your images all you. Change it up with your images and add some variety but most importantly it needs to be you. To create that level of engagement needed not just on Facebook but across all elements of your marketing, you need you and your brand front and centre.

Have some variety within your marketing. Maybe its time for print to make a comeback also?


Will Facebook kill the video star?

Early indications are that video will drop in order of importance. That does not mean that it will die totally just not be as relevant. If you want to get that engagement and be in the moment with your customers then the future is LIVE video.


Armageddon is not nigh

There is no need to escape to the bunker and hope to ride this out. This is a change in not just a beloved platform but how we think, engage and interact with our customers. Facebook is going back to its roots and that is what business needs to do. Like the days of travelling sales. Grab the attention of the consumer, build the rapport and keep that flowing. Look at other marketing solutions such as your website, social media and print.

Mick Lee

I love photography and telling stories; from this passion the seeds for Mick Lee Photography were sown. My belief is simple. To provide you with images that don’t just show your business or product, but capture the essence and story. Your brand is more than just the product, you want to entice customers to want to do business with you and be part of that story.

I work closely with you to design tailor made packages that are cost effective and give you the flexibility and confidence to remove the reliance on stock images. Its about telling the story of your business, in your own words. Lets Start A Conversation now on how we can capture the essence of your brand and showcase your business to those ideal clients you want. Email me now at