I know it’s still 2017 and the focus is Christmas, for your business and personally. But 2018 is just around the corner. A new year with exciting opportunities and possibilities.Like most businesses you may have or will be looking at setting some goals for next year. How many of these goals involve marketing and attracting customers to your business? Where you satisfied with your images used in your visual content marketing.

67% of product users say images are very important when making a purchasing decision. (source)

The images you use are just as important to overseas markets as local ones. They need to have the same goal of capturing the essence of your brad and enticing customers to be part of your business story.

Is it the end of the year or the start of a new one?

 Now is the time to start planning your 2018 calendar, if you have not already. Take a look at what you want to achieve throughout the year. How will you be getting the story of your business out there to the wide world.

Plan out your year so you know in advance your marketing objectives across various mediums. From that list then determine what type of images you want to compliment your plans.


Break it all down

There is so much now that can be classed as marketing from website images, social media posts, blogs, printed ,material and the list can be endless. But it should not be overwhelming. Break the list down into packets of images that fit in the various categories you use. By giving them a weighting you know what you will need to concentrate on in terms of immediate needs. Always look to build a library of images over time, take advantage of changes in seasons and looks to compliment your marketing year.

Post often and post new

Each time you post images on social media you are after engagement with your audience. They need something to engage with. If it’s the same images on rotate they will switch off and look elsewhere. This is not a daunting proposition it just requires some creativity and outside the box thinking in how you use your images. Either have different images taken of the same subject with different composition and staging or look at cropping and changing to produce something new.


Inject some life

Customers want more than just products and staged corporate headshots that would look great in a passport. Bored and stuffy images showcase a bored and stuffy business. Period. Adding a human element to your images adds authenticity to the brand. Showcase your product being used, instead of an empty hotel room or restaurant have people in there, being alive.

What’s Next

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