Not all businesses are the same and neither are the commercial photoshoots I conduct. However, there are some similarities and personal touches I always strive to include; which begins well before I even pick up my camera bag.

Commercial Photography

Initial Contact

Whether it’s a referral or you contact me the first thing I will do is try and arrange a meeting so we can sit down and discuss what it is you require. I also want to get to know you and about your staff. Identifying traits that can bring a more personal touch to the photo shoot.

Once I have a better understanding of who you are and the story of your business I am in a better place to put together some tailored packages.

It is at this stage I will also let you know my Terms and Conditions.

Business Intelligence

Armed with the information from our meeting I will first set up a Pinterest Mood Board that we can use to share images and ideas. This collaboration provides you with the confidence in your investment and ensures I am on the right line in planning.

At the same time, I will review your webpage, social media and any other visual marketing you currently have. Once again this helps me tie in with what you have or if it’s a dramatic change ensures we do not replicate the old. I am also looking at your competitors and influences, once again to draw inspiration and make sure we are highlighting key points of difference.


The packages are tailored to suit your requirements and budgets. But most importantly they are not set in stone either. I actually like to call the Discussion Document, it is here that I present different options for the photo shoot and we can then fine tune if required.

I will detail how long the photo shoot will take, location(s) and how it will be conducted. Also will be a detailed breakdown of the investment you will be making.

The Shoot

By having you involved from the beginning of the shoot you will be confident about what is going to happen. The shoot itself should be fun, you are showcasing your own business and enticing customers to be part of your story.

Post Shoot

Once I get back to my office I will download the images and back them up on separate hard drives for safe keeping. I will then start processing the images. This takes a couple of run throughs of the images where I am looking at the composition and quality. Anything that doesn’t look right I will not include.

From there I will provide a DropBox link to the images for you to view and proof. This images you select are the ones I will edit, sometimes I may really like a few images and will include them as well.

Once completed will provide you with another DropBox folder containing your edited images. These are your images for you to use as you need and when you need, no ongoing licence requirements like stock images.